About OROGOLD Peels

Ever wished to scrape off the dull skin and replace with a fresh-faced skin? OROGOLD Peels has the wow factor which can actually magically transform your skin and remove the unwanted scars, lines and acne spots from your skin. Orogold 24K Deep Peeling is one of the best products which have been rated as excellent by the customers.

Peels have been a common regular skin care product. It has been helpful to remove the common skin care issues like acne scars, removing the aging lines, and acne spots. Regular peeling gives the skin a younger and smoother look which help to rejuvenate the skin cells and make it healthier. Generally speaking, there are three types of peels available for use – deep, medium and light. The first two kinds are generally used by the licensed professionals however the light peel can be used by anyone. But if you need to choose from the vast range of peels available in the market, OROGOLD Cosmetics is the best of the lot.

Peels can help you to reduce the appearance of common skin issues like acne, acne scars, lines and spots. It can also help you enjoy a smoother and younger looking complexion by repairing and rejuvenating the outermost surface of your skin. There are three kinds of peels – light, medium and deep. Medium and deep peels must be applied by licensed professionals. However, you can easily find light peels with most major skin care brands like OROGOLD Cosmetics and apply it on your own.

Light peels basically help you to even out your skin tone and improve the texture of your sun damaged skin. Unlike the other deep peels, this peel doesn’t have any down time and you can resume your day-to-day activities immediately after product application, provided you apply the appropriate sun protection. Ideally, using the peel once or twice a week is more than enough for people with all types of skin.

Using it will help to make your skin texture and skin tone smoother. With the daily hassle bustle of daily life, it becomes very difficult to keep the skin always protected from the pollutants and dirt. The light peel will help to improve the texture of the sun damaged skin. The reason, this light peel is more popular than the other two options, is for the fact that the light peel doesn’t have any down time and the regular activities can be easily resumed after the product application. Applying the light peel once or twice a week is more than enough for people with all types of skin.

OROGOLD Cosmetics offers its customers with two exciting deep peels which help them to enjoy the perfect cleanse. Using an OROGOLD Deep Peel once a week can work wonders for your skin care routine and it can help you get rid of the dirt, makeup residue, grime and dead skin cells that get stuck on the outermost layers of your skin easily and effectively.

Using a face peel is a popular facial treatment as it helps exfoliate the skin, hydrate it and make it smoother and softer than before. Body peels can be either made of home ingredients or you can opt for body peel products and service easily available in the market. When you use home ingredients, a full body shower and application of body lotion follows the peel for a thorough process.

What Happens During a Scrub?
A body peel or scrub is generally carried out wearing disposable clothes and in a room which has a drain and tiled flooring. Before the scrub is applied, the person is made to lie down on a table face-down. The peel is applied all over the body and face. Once the back of the body is done, the person is made to turn around and the peel is applied on the front part of the body. Depending on the kind of peel being used, you are asked to lie still till the peel does its job. Once finished, you enter the shower to rinse off the peel from your body. It is recommended to rinse off with only water and avoid any kind of cleanser as this will help retain the aroma and oil from the peel on your body.

Things to Know About Body Peels:

  • Many body peels or scrubs can be removed with the help of steamed towels instead of warm water.
  • Though most body peels are the first step in a body wrap or any kind of signature treatment involving various steps, you can also opt for a body peel only without any wrap or treatment.
  • A body peel can also be combined with a massage. In such a scenario, the body peel stimulates the body and face after which the massage is done to calm you down. Opting for a body scrub and massage together will help clean your body and face and also relax it completely.
  • Always use a body peel which suits your skin type and does not cause reactions. Your body might be allergic to some ingredient in the peel and this is why it is recommended to try out the peel on a patch of skin before applying to the entire body and face.
  • If you are opting for a massage and body peel by a professional, always ensure that they are experienced and know their job well. An inexperienced person may cause more pain in your body than reducing it.

OROGOLD Deep Peeling

24K Deep Peeling
The 24K Deep Peeling has been designed to offer you with an extremely powerful cleanse. It has been perfectly formulated to allow OROGOLD customers to reveal smoother and younger looking skin. Using the peel once every week helps you to enjoy polished and renewed looking skin and feel revitalized as well. The ORO GOLD 24K Deep Peeling also contains moisturizing ingredients like Green Tea and Vitamin C to ensure that the product is extremely gentle on the skin and that it doesn’t lead to irritation or skin damage.

The OROGOLD 24K Deep Peeling is a personal favorite of celebrity singer and X-Factor judge Demi Lovato. Demi has termed the OROGOLD 24K Deep Peeling as the final step in her clear skin regimen and she is known to be highly impressed by other OROGOLD Cosmetics products as well. The product also found recognition on the popular website Examiner.com wherein author Tamar Fleishman described the peel as “velvety and gentle” and mentioned that “it felt like honey upon application on dry skin”. So, to make your skin feel soft like satin, be sure to apply the ORO GOLD 24K Deep Peeling once every week. This product is also sized perfectly to fit your 3-1-1 travel bags.

OG Exclusive Peeling

24K Multi-Vitamin Peeling
The 24K Multi-Vitamin Peeling is another deep peel offered by OROGOLD Cosmetics. This extraordinary product is infused with all sorts of effective antioxidants and vitamins to give your skin a smoother and deeper cleanse. The 24K Multi-Vitamin Peeling helps you to remove the dirt, makeup residue and dead skin cells from the outermost layer of your skin and helps you to expose younger and healthier looking skin. Using this deep peel once or twice every week is an ideal way to ensure that you make your skin look radiant, clean and energized.

Beautify Your Skin with OROGOLD Peels
A very common skin care product that treats different skin issues successfully is fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and much more. However, you would need to select the right type of peels which works on your skin type and give your skin the desired nourishment t craves for. The OROGOLD peels are simply magical for your skin as these have presence of pure 24K gold in it. When you use Peels; the skin tends to feel more young and beautiful. With OROGOLD, you can find different types of peels from light to strong and the natural ingredients in these peels will rejuvenate the skin cells and make it healthier.

The peels will reduce the skin issues like scars, wrinkles, fine lines and much more. To get more benefit, you would need to select the peels as per your skin type. It will rejuvenate the outermost layer of the skin and offer appropriate skin protection. If you are facing sun damage, then the peels are simply an ideal solution for you. It will remove the tan and give you a beautiful skin. The peels will give a perfect cleanse to your skin. The skin will feel tighter and toned.

OROGOLD Peels Offer Quality Skin Care
The OROGOLD peels improve the quality, texture and color of the skin. Unlike chemical peels that can cause various side effects to the skin, the ORGOLD peels are extremely powerful. It makes the skin feels smoother and tighter. The skin peels address the skin roughness, acne breakouts, skin congestions, fine lines, wrinkles, etc. The skin feels more pretty and balanced, and you enjoy a smoother and radiant complexion.

At the OROGOLD store, the skin professionals will assist you with the different skin problems and offer the best peels. You can also test the peels at the store, and the skin consultants will help you select the right one. The skin care experts will also offer you some skin treatment at the store that can help you see a drastic improvement in the skin right after the treatment. The skin experts customize the facials as per your skin type and condition. They will also use some peels to see the different changes in the skin. Once you start using the peels on a regular basis, you will find that the skin will begin to glow, and all skin problems will fade away in some time.

So you finally have all the answers you needed about Orogold peels and must be ready to try it out. Orogold understands that a customer should be fully convinced of the product she is buying and also be satisfied with the results. However, with the internet and magazine printing various kinds of information relating to skin care products, one just doesn’t know what is true and what isn’t!

Refresh and Rejuvenate Your Skin with OROGOLD Peels
A terrific way to refresh your skin and diminish the skin imperfections is to make use of peels. Some peels are natural, and some have chemicals. The ones with chemicals can have bad effect on your skin, and the natural ones can only work properly if they have the correct combination of natural ingredients. A versatile natural option for appealing beauty is the use of ORGOLD peels. Peels are natural treatments that can make your skin glow. OROGOLD 24K deep peeling skin product not only smells great but kills the bacteria in the skin and leaves it with a beautiful look.

The peels at OROGOLD will improve the skin imperfections dramatically and eliminate problems like freckles, acne, sun spots, fine lines and much more. You get a healthier, plumper and tighter look. It is a safe, nontoxic solution that gently polishes and resurfaces the skin providing it the natural nutrients. The damaged top layers of the skin are removed with the help of OROGOLD peels. The skin peels stimulate the growth of new cells and improve the production of collagen in the skin. Thus, you get n effectively younger looking skin.

Benefits of Using the OROGOLD Peels
People have different skin types, and the demands of each skin are different from that of other. A single product will not work on everyone. AT OROGOLD store, you can find different types of peels that work effectively for your skin type. The skin experts would guide you about which peel will benefit you and help you take the product trial before purchasing one.

You can also enjoy free facials and skin treatment at the OROGOLD store to decide for the best product. The skin peel treatments are tailored to suit the requirements of each of our customers. To treat fine lines, age spots, and dryness light skin peel treatment would work. To treat deep acne, wrinkles, and scars, medium peel treatment is suitable, and a deep peel treatment will help to treat all such problems that are much severe.

The peels will help to remove the dull and uneven skin. Signs of sun damage, acne, scars, and pigmentation ill also be treated with the help of these peels. The skin peel creams available at the store are designed to help you get rid of different skin imperfections quickly. So, choose your skin peel product today and make a difference to your look.

OROGOLD Peels Reviews
“I was not sure whether to use this brand or not. Also, it was quite a pinch in the pocket with $108.00 cost. But after the first use, I was hooked with the product. I went to the store location to buy after I was finished with the product but the staffs informed me that it can be brought online as well, which is very convenient for me as I do not have any OROGOLD store nearby my place. But to my experience, buying from the store leaves you with a chance to get discounted price if you are buying a bundle of the OROGOLD products together.”

 How are Body Peels Helpful?
Body peels and scrubs are helpful in removing the layers of dead cells from the skin and help expose younger and smoother looking skin. Skin care treatments seem to be incomplete without exfoliation whether you are going for a regular facial or a specialized facial experience.

Body peels also help to expose supple skin layers and rejuvenate them. It is important to choose body peels which suit your skin type and do not cause any allergic reactions on the body. This is why, at Orogold we use only natural ingredients along with our signature ingredient, Gold, to create the best of body peels.

Another great benefit of a body peel is that it helps remove sun tan with ease. It also removes rough and darkened skin which may be the result of environmental factors, pollution and extreme weather conditions.

Why are Body Peels Used?
Most spa centers or skin care store use a body or facial peel to exfoliate the skin and this procedure is followed by a hydrating body or facial wrap to help keep the skin supple and fresh and also nourish it from within. What happens is that when the peel is applied, the skin pores open up and the beneficial ingredients of the wrap can easily enter within into its deepest layers. Many facial peels are so designed that they not only exfoliate the skin but also provide the much-needed nourishment to it.

How Often Should Body Peels be Used?
Body peels should not be used too often as excessive and frequent peeling can damage skin layers after peeling off dead skin cells. A body peel such as the Orogold 24K Deep Peeling is best used once in 7 days. Avoid too much body or facial peeling if you suffer from dry skin.

Preferred Ingredients in a Body Peel?
Body peels that contain natural ingredients such as vitamins and mineral are the ideal choice. Being loaded with antioxidants, such ingredients help clean the skin thoroughly and remove dirt, dust, excess oil and makeup while also providing it with nourishment. They make the skin look radiant and also energize it.

Using peels that contain harmful chemicals in it might give amazing results n the beginning but they also cause severe damage to the skin in the long run. Your skin might look bright on the outside but inside it starts losing its moisture and elasticity and ages quickly without you being able to stop it.

How to use the 24K Deep Peeling
According to the experts, it is enough to use it only once a week. Apply a few pea sized drops of the product on clean face, being cautious to avoid the eye area. Rub the peel across the face in a circular motion. Make sure not to leave the product for more than 30 seconds. Tepid or room temperature water should be used to wash off the face and 2-Step Cleanser Kit can be used to enhance the cleansing. If used with the 24K Deep Day Moisturizer Cream and the 24K Vitamin C Booster Facial Serum, it will give the finest results.