Common Indicators Beckoning The Need Of Heavy Dose Of Moisturizer

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People seem to be content with their skincare routine as they keep on continuing with their skincare regimen for years. However, soon they realize that all is not well for their skin as they suddenly start to look older and have a dull complexion. However, if people were a bit vigilant they would have been able to tackle the problem of ageing from becoming prominent. There are always some indicators that signal the need to have a re-look at the way one has been following their skincare routine. Some of such indicators which beckon the need for increasing the dose of moisturizer are included here.

The Moisturizer Simply Vanishes

It is truly said that skincare routine shouldn’t be followed just for the sake of following it, one must see whether their plan is working or not. So, one of the common indicators beckoning that one must do something with the moisturizer is that their current moisturizer simply vanishes as soon as it is applied. That is, when it is not able to stick to the skin for long it is worthless to believe that one will have the desired results. So, if this is noticed one must either apply the moisturizer heavily or look for other better moisturizers in the market.

Wrinkles And Fine Lines Become Noticeable

Even after applying the moisturizer one notices that the wrinkles and fine lines are becoming more definite, then it is time to go for moisturizer that is rich in substances which prevent skin from drying. So, one must look for a good quantity of humectants in the moisturizer which will help keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay and make one appear cheerful, active, buoyant, young and healthy.

Vulnerability To Skin Irritation

If one becomes vulnerable to skin irritation, then there is a need to contemplate about increasing the dose of moisturizer for it could prevent the frequent occurrence of this phenomenon.

Tight Face

A tight face is the most obvious indicator that the current moisturizer is not working properly. So, increasing its dose is the first step that one needs to take in this situation. This situation must be addressed quickly so as to prevent the problem from becoming permanent.

Dull Skin

Similar to tight face, dull skin is another indicator which beckons that it is time to re-think about one’s moisturizer. If one feels under-confident and gets constant remarks from others about their dull appearance, and moreover, if one’s mirror confirms the same, then one must go for higher dose of moisturizer in their skincare regimen.

Flakes On Face

The appearance of flaky skin is also a reminder that one must do something about the volume of moisturizer that they are using. Deadening of the skin cells is a serious phenomenon that takes the glow away from the skin, and increasing the dose of moisturizer can check the occurrence of this phenomenon.

Makeup Is Not Help Properly

As soon as people start experiencing the problem that their makeup is not being held properly by the skin, they must look for the possible causes of this. One of the possible causes is the lack of moisture in the skin which prevents it from becoming supple. And, it is the supple skin that holds the makeup properly.


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