Easy And Affordable Tips To Prevent The Occurrence Of Dark Circles Under The Eyes

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Quite often it is seen that people are baffling with the problem of dark circle under their eyes, so much so, that they are willing to spend huge sums of money to get rid of them. However, even expensive treatments fail sometimes, and even the most trusted products don’t work sometimes. This is because this is one of the thinnest and most sensitive areas of the skin that requires extra attention from the people. However, one could definitely follow certain easy and affordable tips to keep these dark circles at bay, some of which are included here.

Have Adequate Sleep

Does it cost to sleep more? Well, this is one of the cheapest methods to ensure that one wards off the dark spots under the eyes. This area is remarkably sensitive and that is why this area bears the maximum effect of the stress that one faces. This stress, and the corresponding lack of sleep, makes the skin under the eyes vulnerable to the occurrence of dark sports.

Try Sleeping On Your Back

Well, if the dark spots are seen in the morning and as the day progresses they become faint, then, it is time to try and sleep on one’s back, since this technique has work wonders for various people. Moreover, one extra pillow would also keep one safe as the dust, allergens, etc. could be kept at bay then.

Tea Bags Is A Good Option

Have you heard about the benefits of tea bags for skin? Well, if not, then you need to know how people have benefitted by this unique and novel method of improving the condition of dark circles under the eyes. This is because of the fact that the caffeinated tea abounds in the nutrient called tannins that are instrumental in improving this condition. So, the tea bags need to be soaked in lukewarm water and afterwards then need to be chilled. And finally, they are ready to be used and one needs to place the tea bag for five minutes each under both eyes. The effect will be seen straightaway as one would feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Try Retinoid

Retinoid is one of the best ingredients that could produce better results for the skin. This is because this ingredient is instrumental in prompting collagen production, which, in turn, improves the condition of the dark circles under the eyes.

Remove The Makeup Gently

Quite often it is seen that people never realize that they are removing the makeup from the most sensitive area of the skin. So, they usually carry on in their usual casual manner. However, this area entails special attention and thus one should remove the makeup very gently, and instead of rubbing the cotton back and forth in that area, one could go for gentle dabs and that too in one direction only.

Always Wear Sunscreens

Well, this is the foremost advice that one would get from any person having the least knowledge about skincare. The area under the eyes is prone to getting affected, so, UV exposure to UV radiations is a big no for people. And thus, wearing a sunscreen should be the foremost thing to do. Also, one must wear hats, sunglasses, etc. to give that necessary protection to this sensitive area.


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