Effective Strategies To Heal The Scorching Summer Sunburns

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Change in weather could offer people with much needed respite from the monotonous routine that they had been leading. However, the sudden change could wreak havoc on the body sometimes as it finds it difficult to adjust to the surroundings. The same thing happens in summers when the body gets exposed to the scorching sun. This leads to sunburns, especially when people are careless in applying the sunscreens copiously and regularly. So, here are some effective strategies to follow in case one gets affected with sunburns.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is always the first strategy to ward off any skin problem, or even other problems for that matter. The harmful effects of sunburns can be prevented from worsening if one keeps their body hydrated. Moreover, hydration shouldn’t only be limited to the topical level as one should keep oneself hydrated from within. So, choosing appropriate and effective moisturizers and drinking ample amount of water becomes mandatory during summers.

Take A Painkiller

Sometimes it becomes mandatory to resort to taking a painkiller in order to prevent the harmful effects of sunburn from worsening. So, for a few days a person should take painkillers which could help in reducing itching, peeling, swelling, fever, etc. that are normal to accompany a severe burn.

Go For A Cooling Product

Of course the sunburn would have its toll on the person as they would feel the heat both externally as well as internally. So, one needs to go with a cooling product or any gel, probably aloe-based or similar to it in order to cool the body. This product will help in preventing swelling and alleviate the negative effects of sunburn.

Take A Cold Shower

Hot water baths are a big no in case one is suffering from sunburns. So, the obvious choice of showers is to have cold water showers. It is pivotal to expose the skin to cold water frequently in order to give it the necessary cooling effect that it has been yearning for. These showers will certainly do their bit in removing the discomfort that a person might be feeling.

Apply A Burn Cream

Severe sunburns need to be countered by adopting more sophisticated measures. So, following the advice of dermatologists in this situation, one should go for applying a suitable and effective anti-inflammatory and anti-redness ointment or salve that could help in heeling the area that has been affected by sunburns. Inflammation and redness need to be reduced, so it is almost mandatory to go for a burn cream in this situation.

Never Use Soap

Using soap can wreak havoc on the skin and leave a lot of negative repercussions. The harsh cleaners, detergents, or any sort of surfactants affect the skin. So, one should stay away from using such soaps that are detergent-based. This is because they are going to irritate the skin by drying it out completely.

Try LED Treatment

Last but not the least one may need to try the LED light treatment in case all the other methods or strategies to combat the sunburns fail to work. However, the treatment must be at low-level as low-level treatment is found to be effective in reducing inflammation and erythema to a great extent.


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