Ensuring The Health Of The Skin In Scorching Summers

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Well, summers are welcomed by a majority of the people since they get respite from the chilling winds, and get a chance to move around freely. However, this liberty of roaming around freely may bring in certain negative effects on the skin of the people, if they forget to take certain mandatory steps that are required to take care of the skin in scorching summers. This is because the temperatures in the summers skyrocket, and thus this could have negative impacts on the skin, which happens to be the body’s largest organ. So, taking care of this important organ of the body in summers is a must for everyone. Here are some of the techniques to ensure the overall health of the skin.

Exfoliate The Skin

Exfoliating the skin is a primary requirement in summers since one has a tendency to eat a lot of sugary liquids in summers. However, this could give rise to acnes, and the condition worsens if one forgets to let the fresh air enter into the pores of their skin. So, in order to make sure that the fresh air reaches the skin one needs to remove the dead cells that are blocking the pores. Exfoliating becomes essential thus, and regardless of the type of one’s skin, this process needs to be followed without fail. However, people with soft and sensitive skin should go for gentle exfoliators like Beta Hydroxy Acids, or Alpha Hydroxy Acids as these are gentle chemical exfoliants.


Hydrating the body as well as the skin is a primary requirement of the body, failing which, one could face adverse consequences. Our skin functions smoothly only if enough amount of hydration is ensured. So, one should always drink around 10-12 glasses of water daily. However, people who get tempted towards consuming flavoured waters and sugars should realize that consumption of sugars could be harmful for the skin, as this could instigate the occurrence of acnes. So, one should always rely upon consuming plain water. Also, if people are addicted to alcoholic or caffeinated beverages, then they need to further enhance the intake of water in order to combat the ill-effects of these beverages.

Protect Skin From The Sun

Whether it is any time of the year, protection from skin always remains the most basic requirement, as ignorance in this case could lead to fatal consequences. The harmful UV radiations start from burning the skin, and if this process goes unabated then one could not only suffer from the early signs of aging but may well have to face the condition of skin cancers as well.

So, as per the experts’ advice, the sunscreen of minimum SPF 30 should always be worn in all sorts of weathers. Further, the sunscreen should be applied half an hour prior to going out in the sun. Also, although there are a plethora of sunscreens that claim to be waterproof or sweat-proof, still, reapplication of the sunscreen every two hours, is highly recommended by the experts.

So, by following these steps, one could not only reduce the chances of getting blemishes and acnes, but also enhance the chances of prolonging the onset of the wrinkles on their skin.


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