Natural Ways to Get More Gorgeous Skin Texture

When we were all young, we all had perfect skin textures with even tones. But as we grew up, acne breakouts, damaged skin due to the sun and skin discolouration became regular issues for us. This lead to skin dullness, discoloration of the face and uneven tones!

It is not possible to get that child-like skin again. But with a few changes in our lifestyle, lesser use of chemical cosmetics and asking a dermatologist for help, one can certainly get beautiful and younger looking skin. Here we will discuss some valuable and natural tips to help even out those skin textures.

The first thing to do is to drink lots of water.

Regular consumption of water assists in keeping those wrinkles at bay. It cleanses the skin from the inside and keeps the skin nice and hydrated. Experts suggest consuming about 8 ounces of water every day. Also if one doesn’t like drinking too much of plain water, they can add lemon slices or cucumber slices to the water. Not only does it add a refreshing taste to it but also renders numerous skin stimulating advantages.

Exfoliate the skin properly:

Over a period of time, dead cells develop over the skin surface and make it look dull and aged. It also accounts for those uneven tones. By regularly exfoliating the skin, one can get rid of these dead cells and allow the younger cells to take its place. These younger skin cells give a revitalized look to the skin and also allow it to glow naturally. One can exfoliate twice a day, but people who have sensitive skin textures; they should try and avoids such methods.

Use moisturizers;

After exfoliating, always use moisturizers. It helps balancing out the skin tones, making the skin nice and smooth. Preferably go for moisturizers which contain high contents of vitamin E, SPF and antioxidants.

Use of lemon juice:

Lemon juice comprises of several benefiting components which help balance the pH of the skin. It is an important requirement for even skin tone and should be carried out irrespective of whatever skin type one has. All one has to do is apply lemon juice either directly to the skin or by mixing it with water. But do not go out into the sun as it would lead to skin redness and irritations.

If all else fails them do not hesitate to consult a dermatologist.



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