Reviewing the OROGOLD Peel

Reviewing OROGOLD Cosmetics seemed like the ideal thing to do. As consumers, the best thing that we can do for brands we love is promote them and endorse their products. Although I don’t feel obligated to do this for every brand that offers a decent experience, it seemed like the ideal thing to do for OROGOLD. OROGOLD is basically a luxury skin care line that offers its customers with extremely effective solutions for their skin.


I had recently visited the OROGOLD Store in the neighborhood mall and I found it to be an experience worth sharing. I got attracted into the store by a lady offering free product samples and since I was killing time at the mall, I decided to simply go with the flow. Once inside the store, I realized that OROGOLD was really a brand to be reckoned with. Most skin care brands offer you with stores that look like, well like stores. What OROGOLD Cosmetics does is that it offers you with a store which looks like a spa or a luxury salon. They even have those opulent stations where you can relax while their technicians offer you with free product demonstrations.


I was offered with a free demonstration of the OROGOLD 24K Deep Peeling and I readily agreed. I was pretty serious about my skin and I was one of those lucky ones who had a normalish skin. I had those occasional flare ups, but nothing serious. When they offered the demo, I agreed since I was already due to exfoliate my skin.


What happened next is something that I can never forget. The lady applied the product on my face and my arms. When she was applying the product on my arms I almost squealed with fright when I saw the amount of dry skin being exfoliated. It took them 5 minutes to assure me that I wouldn’t develop any kind of rashes or adverse effects. Still, I was really freaked out about the amount of dead skin that came out. I used a deep peel every week, but I had never seen so much dead skin being exfoliated, EVER.


So after they were done with my arm, I immediately asked them to stop. They wiped away the product residue and completed the routine with a day moisturizer. I was actually surprised because instead of developing rashes, the skin on my arm began to glow and felt silky soft. The lady gave me her best smile which just said, “Oh, we have seen that expression time and again!”


Somewhat embarrassed, I agreed to get the peel applied on my face as well. After completing my entire routine, I checked myself out in the mirror and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Despite not wearing any makeup, my face looked really nice and there was a nice glow to it. I was delighted that I discovered this brand on a whim and I immediately ended up purchasing the OROGOLD 24K Deep Peeling.


Another plus. The fancy packaging, the embossed font and the satin box in which the product was packed simply screamed luxury. The product box itself looked beautiful. A worthy addition on my dressing table!