The Secret To Proper Skin Care In The Summer Months

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The heat of the summer obviously makes one show more skin; hence one must be effectively prepared for it. Here are some powerful tips to help one face the rays of the sun in the summer months.

Exfoliating For Smoother And Clearer Skin

Exfoliation does away with dull or dead debris of the skin, thereby preventing congestion and enhancing the hydration level when moisturizers and toners are applied. The best time to perform exfoliation is prior to applying toner, moisturizer, make-up and SPF, in the morning. When the skin is exfoliated, make-up lasts for a longer period of time.

After exfoliation, application of a hydrating body cream locks the moisture in. Moreover, the skin freshly exfoliated must be protected using an SPF.

Maintaining The Hydration Level Of The Skin

The level of hydration can be boosted by making use of concentrated masques, which can be used once or twice in a week. Boosters are a nice option, especially when they are clubbed with a moisturizer.

Again, toners are very effective in preparing the skin for application of moisturizer since they contribute to make the skin porosity evenly distributed. A revitalizing toner can be used for reviving the skin, even when one is at the gym, in the car, or on the plane.

Drinking Adequate Amount Of Water

Internal dehydration may occur if one spends a lot of time outdoors at higher temperatures. This may in turn lead to dizzy spells and headaches.

By drinking around eight glasses of filtered plain water on a daily basis, one can maintain the required moisture level of the skin and the body. Water also aids in detoxifying the body. Those who are into the habit of drinking caffeinated beverages have to drink three times the normal amount of water.

Applying Sunscreen Frequently

Application of sunscreen is not enough unless one applies the required amount and that too, frequently. Research has revealed that a majority of people apply much lesser than the amount of sunscreen protection they need. The standard quantity is a teaspoon when you are applying sunscreen over your face and when it comes to the body a quantity equivalent to fill a shot glass would suffice.

The application of the sunscreen should be repeated every two hours. Moreover, one should try to avoid the midday sun as much as possible.

Nowadays a number of sunscreens are available suiting a range of skin conditions. Hence one can select from extra emollient oil-free sunscreens if the skin is dry and formulas free from chemicals for reactive, sensitized skin.

Soothing Skin That Has Been Excessively Exposed

If one has mistakenly skipped the use of sunscreen and the skin has suffered damage, cooling gels and soothing botanicals can be applied, for preventing peeling and reducing inflammation and redness. At the initial sign of a pinkish glow over the skin, the cooling balm should be applied.

Treating Sun Damage

Photo-aging caused by UV light may be reflected in the form of wrinkles, coarse skin and brown spots, irrespective of whether the skin is burnt or not. A tan in indicative of damage and it can be treated with application of age-fighting ingredients over the skin.


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