Tips to Lighten Skin Naturally

Often people face several problems related to the skin, such as darkening of the skin and the appearance of dark spots. The main reasons behind such irregularities in the skin are overexposing of the skin under the Sun, the increasing rate of pollution and several diseases.

Orogold offers some of the best skin care products that ca help you ate skin that looks young and radiant. While you can always apply Orogold products for the lightening of skin, you can also look at nature of temporary benefits, in case your Orogold product runs out.


Dry skin often results into the skin tone appearing uneven. Honey has moisturizing elements in it; as a result the skin cells are hydrated resulting into the smoothening of our skin. Honey also acts to be a bleaching agent, which helps our skin to become flawless naturally. The antibacterial properties of honey provide full skin protection from the infectious germs and prevent any skin disease.


Vitamin C is the best nutrient for taking care of the skin. Hence, oranges rank second in our list. The nutrient contents of Orange help the skin to stay healthy, and the skin cells are provided with maximum benefits. The skin texture is improved if Oranges can be eaten on a regular basis.


Lemons are acidic in nature, which cleans skin cells and tissues from within and makes the skin appear clean. The extracts of lemon can be rubbed on the skin for getting better skin tone. The rich contents of vitamin C in lemon boosts up cell growth, as a result, the fresh cells replace the dead ones, which makes the skin appear clear and lightened.

Aloe Vera

Dark spots can be easily removed by rubbing the juice derived from Aloe Vera on the affected surface of the skin. The properties of Aloe Vera make sure that the roughness of skin is removed, and the damaged tissues are repaired. The growth of newer cells is promoted by the nutrients present in this particular gift of nature.

These can though only be used to supplement your skin care regime – for long lasting benefits you need to turn to your favorite Orogold packs soon.


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