Your Ultimate Guide To Glowing Skin In Winter

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Biting cold and icy weather is enough to dampen the happiest of souls. Strident weather can be especially harsh on your skin. This winter take best care of your skin by following some easy tips to look healthy, happy and glowing.

Stock Up On Sunscreen

Sunlight during winter is not very harsh therefore a SPF 15 sun block is enough to give you protection from UV rays. A SPF 30 sun block is usually recommended for harsher sun light that is common during summers.

Water Is Your Best Friend

Water should be your best friend, no matter what season of the year it is! Water is essential for the body to carry out various internal activities. Remember a healthy body will reflect a healthy glowing skin.

Cater To Your Feet

Winter season can be particularly harsh for your feet and toe nails. Avoid putting nail colors as this will give your nails a chance to be free from the brittle effects of nail polish remover. Develop a ritual of applying a moisturizer on your feet before bed time. A little foot massage will help you relax and unwind. After you are done with the massage, put on your favorite cotton socks and let the cream do its magic. By morning you will have soft and beautiful feet without spending a penny.

Nurture Your Hands

Your hands require as much attention as your feet. There are fewer oil glands in your hand as compared to your body. This means that the hands get dried up easily. Another reason for dryness of hands is the regularly and constant use of harsh soaps in order to avoid germs and infection. Put moisturizer on your hands and massage gently. Try putting on a bit of moisturizer after very wash. Don’t forget to put on gloves as you go out. This will provide you comfort in cold weather and protect your hands from bitter effects of cold.

Moisturize Your Body

Face is not the only body part that has to bear the seasonal effects. Rest of your body suffers as much, no matter where you reside. Moisturizers used in winter are different from those used in summers. Choosing a moisturizer that contains shrea butter is the best option. Shea butter contains fatty acids and natural vitamins which gives it nourishing and moisturizing effect.  Winter season calls for choosing creamier products as opposed to gel-based summer products.

Tend To Your Lips

Cover your lips with lip balms to foster them from wintry effects. Again choose lip balms that contain shea butter for extra moisturizing effect and softness.

Hair Wise

Probably one of the most over looked part of the body during winter season is the hairs. During winter season avoid shampooing your hairs every day. However, this does not mean that you should not ‘clean’ your hair at all. Shampoo your hairs only twice a week during winters. Giving yourself an oil massage will not let your hair be brittle and break easily. Above all, oil massage will also prevent dandruff.

Follow these easy tips and your body will thank you by looking healthy, fresh and robust. Cherish this season by keeping yourself warm, drinking soups and cozying up in a warm blanket with your favorite book.


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